If you’re looking for a retreat, for expert care, for new girlfriends then look no further. The spa specializes in skin, hair, waxing, and nails. As well as being the ultimate escape. Upon entry, the girls will greet you like a dear friend. Gia, the owner’s, cozy chic décor will bring out a nostalgic euphoric feeling of being at home. It’s impossible not to feel instantly relaxed and comfortable here. And you haven’t even made it to her treatment room yet, which spoiler alert is complete with a heated bed, moisturizing hand warmers, and of course style.  As for the hair and nail stations, you’ll be sitting pretty in what feels like a magazine-worthy living room setup. Complete with gal pals and slippers.

Spa Social offers upscale quality services in an inviting environment. Not an easy task. However, Gia and her team have mastered it. When you do something you love, your passion becomes tangible, which you can feel when you’re here. Gia clearly loves what she does. Who else could transform a former tattoo parlor into paradise? (take a look at the transformation) She literally built her dream by hand with the help of her family and friends. And she’s filled it with carefully selected professionals who share her passion for their art. For instances her hair stylist, Anna Marie, a 14-year veteran in the business still lights up when she talks about hair. She’s an incredibly talented stylist, particularly when it comes to color and color correction. Then there’s Katie, an expert waxer, who can perform a Brazilian in only nine minutes with soft honey wax. Enjoyable might be a stretch, but her gentle touch and speed makes for a comfortable experience. 

Clearly, this is not just a fabulous spa. It’s a spa-changer. Thanks to Gia’s attention to detail in both her work and décor. Before opening she spent months researching other spas in the city. Based on of looking at their menus and trying their treatments, she felt exhausted by their options and like something important was missing from their services. She decided, “I wanted to do the opposite of what everyone else was doing. Some places you’re not even touched.” Her hands-on approach takes her clients to nirvana. I can attest. She’s taken me there. Another impressive feat, she’s simplified her own facial to include everything your skin needs. In other words, a customized facial that brings sad, lifeless skin back to life. Forget the a la carte facials. Not here. Gia’s motto, “I’ll do whatever your skin needs.” Really, does it get any better than that?