Spa Social has hit the 2 year mark!!!

Time for a little change. 
(we will celebrate in the summer)

We couldn't have done it without the support of all of you.  Our clients mean the world to us and consider all of you our family.  

For those who don't know - we have a shower room that is used for body scrubs... YES we offer body scrubs!  Well, it's time to get rid of that shower room and expand!  The shower room will open up and will be turned into the hair washing sink.  This will allow me to add an extra hair station and bring in another stylist!
With that being said - WE NEED YOUR HELP!  To be clear, we are NOT asking for donations but rather a 'pre-pay' for spa services.  Something that most of you do already... BUT this time it will all go into the construction fund and you get your service AND gifts in return + portion of sales will be donated to Flint, Michigan.

  Now lets talk details. 

You can purchase as many services as you want.  Send to a friend or use them all yourself.  *Keep in mind all pre-purchased services will expire 12/15/16.

Suggested spa services for March-May : Body Scrubs / Chemical Peels.