After an attempt at Cosmetology school where I quickly discovered I had absolutely no skill in doing hair, and working a few office jobs over the years that left me wishing for more, I remembered that while in school I really did enjoy and seem to have a knack for waxing. In 2011 I decided to take a chance and give esthetics school a chance and began attending the University of Aesthetics in Wicker Park. It was here that I fully discovered my skill and passion for waxing, I guess I'm much better at pulling hair out, than styling it. It was also here that I met and forged a friendship with my table/desk mate, Gia Favia.


When I say waxing is my calling, I truly believe it. I specialize in the quickest andas pain-free as possible Brazilian. My goal is to make you as comfortable as I can in a clean, professional environment. And if I can make you laugh during the service, even better! We all know that laying half-naked in front a stranger can be awkward, but I promise you will at least crack a
smile with me!  I am beyond excited to join Gia, and the Spa Social team, and I look forward to meeting you!