After attending Columbia College and the Art Institute-Miami for fashion design, I realized life was pushing me in a different direction.  I decided to pack up my belongings and take off on the road.  A month later, I found myself in Venice, California. It was in Venice when I realized what I needed to do.  I've always had a passion for skin care, mainly because of my own personal struggle with breakouts.  After a handful of spas and a medicine cabinet full of useless product, I met an aesthetician who changed my life.  She took the time to educate me about my skin condition and how to properly take care of my skin from home.  Her passion, love, and willingness to help, sparked my desire to do the same.  I attended the University of Aesthetics in Wicker Park where I learned the skills needed to become an esthetician.  Now I get to do the same for my clients everyday.