I’m not peeling! Does this mean the treatment did not work?

Absolutely not! Depending on the skin’s resistance and treatment frequency, you may experience a delay in peeling - or experience no peeling or flaking. Feel the texture of your skin; if it feels smoother, the treatment is working. The absence of peeling could also indicate that your skin may be able to tolerate additional peel layers during the treatment.

Some areas of hyperpigmentation appear darker. Did the treatment make my pigmentation worse?

No. It can take a week or longer to see changes in your skin! There may be more color on hyper pigmented areas for the first few days after treatment as pigmented cells rise to the surface and slough off while new skin cells emerge at the basal cell layer

What exactly is the difference between peeling from a chemical peel and peeling from a sunburn?

Sunburns and chemical peels may produce similar reactions, but they have very different effects on the skin. A chemical peel uses a variety of caustic chemicals to selectively disrupt layers of skin and encourage the regeneration of healthy new skin. A sunburn is an uncontrolled wound caused by Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR)

How can I maintain results between treatments?

You can benefit from using at-home peels - like Dermalogica’s Rapid Reveal Peel - in between professional resurfacing treatments to help maintain results. You should wait at least two weeks after the Pro Power Peel before beginning treatment with Rapid Reveal Peel.

When can I apply makeup?

It’s best to wait as long as possible on the day of treatment to apply make-up - but we suggest you wait a minimum of 20 minutes to 24 hours after treatment to give the skin a chance to calm down and reduce the possibility of irritation.

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